xr reinforced geomembrane

XR Reinforced Geomembrane – HPR (High Performance Reinforced)

Consisting of a reinforced woven synthetic fabric made from an ethylene interpolymer alloy, Titan’s XR Reinforced Geomembrane (HPR) is the strongest and most durable geomembrane available. Engineered to provide protection in a wide range of climates, this geomembrane is chemically resistant to acids/oils and retains flexibility in hot or cold temperatures making it the highest performing geomembrane on the market.


  • Can be fabricated to size or sold as roll stock.
  • XR Reinforced Geomembrane is available in 30 mil and 40 mil.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Can be exposed and offers outstanding long-term resistance to UV radiation.
  • Excellent stability and low thermal expansion-contraction properties.
  • Capable of performing in the harshest most difficult environments.
  • Exhibits tensile strength and high resistance to puncturing.
  • Requires specialized welding equipment and must be installed by welding technicians.

Common Applications:

  • Hazardous waste containment
  • Floating covers
  • Landfill cells and caps
  • Secondary containment systems
  • Chemical treatment ponds
  • Animal waste containment
  • Industrial application projects
  • Tank farms

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