Geosynthetic Clay Liner

Our Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) is a high performance geocomposite which consists of two layers of geotextile stitched together to enclose a layer of processed sodium bentonite which when in contact with water, swells to form a low permeability clay liner. Used as an alternative to conventional compacted clay liners, Geosynthetic Clay Liner’s resistance to physical and chemical breakdown make it the ideal lining product in harsh environments such as landfills and other containment systems.


  • Cost effective—one truckload of GCL replaces 200 truckloads of clay.
  • Unique self-sealing attributes that reduces the risk of punctures and leakage.
  • Excellent shear resistance properties due to needlepoint reinforcement.
  • Reduces leakage by a factor of 30 over compacted clay.
  • Better hydraulic performance.
  • Easy to install.

Common Applications:

  • Ponds, canals, reservoirs, & ditches
  • Landfill liners, covers, & caps
  • Dams
  • Wastewater lagoons
  • Mining-heap leach & slag tailings
  • Solid waste containment
  • Water & wastewater treatment & containment